Pressure Washing – Patios, Sidewalks & Driveways

Cleaning the area around your home increases value and appearance.

When we think about pressure washing our home, many times we forget about the driveway, sidewalks, or patios that make up the flat surfaces outside of our home.  Over time, dirt, staining, mold, moss, and pollution dulls the appearance of these surfaces and detracts from the appearance of our homes.  Pressure washing thoroughly cleans these surfaces and gives an inviting feel to your home.

Our technicians are trained on all outdoor surfaces.

Our technicians are trained on our industrial-grade machines and are experienced with a wide variety of surfaces and substances.  There are many variables in the pressure washing process, including machinery adjustments, water temperature, water pressure, chemical agents, and speed of cleaning.  While it is often possible for property owners to rent or borrow a power washer, it is also possible that inexperienced individuals can damage surfaces, lawns, and improperly utilize chemicals.  Our experienced technicians are able to complete the cleaning quickly, without damage, and often without the use of chemicals.

We clean cement, brick, pavers, and more!

Even if your patio is not made with cement, we can clean it.  Brick, flagstone, pavers, cut stone, and tile can all be safely pressure washed by our team.  We are knowledgeable on the correct cleaning solutions, water pressure, and water temperature needed to efficiently clean these surfaces without damage.

Elevate the appearance of your outdoor space, contact us today!

Rennorr Dynamics offers free estimates on all of our services.  If you would like an estimate or a cleaning appointment you can contact us online or call 703-960-5041.