Cement Fiber Board (HardiePlank)

Cement fiberboard, oftentimes referred to as “HardiePlank,” is a common building material that is often used as siding for homes and businesses.   This durable material is versatile and while it is made with cement and fiberous materials, it can be painted or may resemble wood grain or stucco.  Nearly 15% of new homes are built using cement fiberboard siding.

We clean all types of siding.

Whether your building has siding made of vinyl, aluminum, cement fiberboard (HardiePlank) or another material, our well trained technicians can pressure wash it without damaging the surface.  Our industrial pressure washing machines can be adjusted for both water temperature and pressure, which allows us to create the perfect combination for cleaning without inflicting damage to your home or business.

HardiePlank is long lasting – with proper care.

One of the benefits to using HardiePlank, or cement fiberboard, is that it is a long lasting building material.  In order to obtain the longest life from the product, manufacturers recommend regular cleaning to remove debris, dirt, mold, mildew, etc.  Most manufacturers recommend gently cleaning the surface every 6-12 months, which is certainly possible with a garden hose where you are able to reach.  For a thorough, top to bottom cleaning of your home, our technicians use lifts and specialized equipment to reach every corner of the exterior of your home.  We use the pressure levels recommended by the manufacturers to ensure the cleaning is complete and safe for the product.

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