Pressure Washing – Heavy Equipment

Is it time to pressure wash your heavy equipment?

If your heavy equipment has been accumulating dirt, mud, grease, or debris, it may be time to pressure wash the equipment to help keep it in working order.  Our team of skilled pressure washing technicians uses a mobile pressure washing system complete with our own water source to service your heavy equipment wherever it may be located.  We utilize hot water pressure washers, with detergents, to remove your machine’s contaminants.

Have your equipment cleaned without harming the environment.

Our Renorr Dynamics technicians are aware of the environmental impacts your equipment’s contaminants may have.  We use environmentally conscious methods to contain any contaminated wastewater and use only the amount of detergents and chemicals necessary to get the job done.

We offer many types of cleaning on a variety of machinery.

When we arrive on site, we verify with the foreman regarding the type of cleaning that has been scheduled, answer any questions and can make recommendations, if needed.  We offer several cleaning options:

  • Cleaning radiator cooling fins
  • A basic exterior wash
  • Undercarriage cleaning
  • Mechanic’s wash (washing equipment for repairs)

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We service heavy equipment all over the greater Washington, DC and Northern Virginia region.  Call us at 703-960-5041 or contact us online for a free estimate on your next heavy equipment pressure washing service.

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