Pressure Washing – Roof Shingles

Increase the longevity of your roof with pressure washing.

Roofs accumulate mold, moss, algae, lichens, and fungus.  Each of these organisms can damage the roofing material and moss actually grows roots into the roofing which can deteriorate the roofing at an accelerated rate.   While most asphalt roofing comes with a life expectancy of around 25 years, roofing that is harboring an excessive amount of organisms may need to be replaced long before the life expectancy of the shingles.  You can keep the growth of these organisms in check by having your roof professionally pressure washed.

Boost your property value with a clean roof.

Stained roofing is noticed by potential buyers and if the roof has staining it can increase buyer concerns about the quality of the roof of your home.  Roofs can be a large concern for buyers due to the amount of work and cost involved with replacing a roof so pressure washing your roof before taking listing photos or putting your house on the market can alleviate buyer concerns about the quality of the roof, which can lead to additional quality offers on your home.

This article by explains that home buyers are looking for clean roofs, clean walkways, clean windows, and an overall clean exterior when they are looking at a home.  Renorr Dynamics provides these services throughout our service area and can help get your house ready for the real estate market.

Our technicians are trained professionals.

Our team will arrive at your home on time and ready to work.  Our experienced technicians are well trained on our industrial equipment and work with safety in mind.  In addition to using the most environmentally friendly cleaning solutions possible, we take care to ensure all run-off  will not damage your lawn, landscaping, or nearby trees and shrubs.  If you have questions about the process, our technicians speak English and are able to answer your questions on site.

Get a free estimate or schedule your pressure cleaning.

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