Graffiti Removal & Paint Stripping

We remove all types of unwanted paint.

Whether the paint is a spray painted graffiti or an intentional paint job that needs to be removed, we can remove it from nearly any surface.  Our trained technicians can handle paint removal from concrete, wood, vinyl, brick, asphalt, glass, and more.  We purposefully handle graffiti removal with care so the surface does not scar, or retain any of the unwanted paint.

Our graffiti removal leaves no scar.

We employ the right chemistry, hand agitation with brushes, and hot water, to break down the offending graffiti.  While we rely on pressurized water to assist in the removal process, we are careful to not over pressurize.  Using too much pressure leaves a scar where the graffiti tag used to be and we avoid this rookie mistake!

No water source?  No problem.

Oftentimes, graffiti vandalism occurs in locations that do not have a water source.  Our trucks are equipped with an on board water supply so we can remove graffiti even in hard to reach or remote locations.

We also remove aged paint and prepare surfaces for new painting or staining.

Need to remove old paint or stain from a surface that was deliberately painted in the past?  Or perhaps you have purchased a home and would like to change the fence or decking color? We can strip the unwanted paint or stain and reapply a more appropriate wood preservative, stain or paint.  In addition to removing large, deliberately painted or stained surfaces we can also remove:

  • Paint droplets from brick
  • Brush strokes from a messy or accidentally painted area
  • Painted curbs
  • Tar-based product, adhesives, and caulk
  • Large spills of paint
  • Erroneous markings or paint in parking areas

Need paint or stain removed?  Contact us today!

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