Home Pressure Washing

For most people their home is their largest financial investment. Just like any other component of a house or townhouse, the exterior surfaces need periodic maintenance such as cleaning. You may have vinyl siding, aluminum siding, brick, cement fiber board (one common trade name is Hardiplank), or painted wood, or natural wood with a sealer applied. Over time, house exteriors get soiled from normal environmental accumulations of dirt, mildew, mold, pollution, algae and pollen. In some cases there may be vandalism such as spray painted graffiti or “egging”. Your roof shingles may also develop unsightly black streaks, or moss or lichens. These can be removed successfully, and without damage to the shingles. That topic is covered in greater detail in another section specifically covering roof cleaning.

What process do we use to clean your house? We use as low a pressure as possible and with the gentlest cleaners that will do a proper, thorough cleaning and without damage to the surface. We always pre-wet surrounding flowers, plants, bushes & trees, and continue to keep rinsing them throughout the cleaning process so any cleaners that might splash on them will be rinsed off and do no harm. A very vital and technical piece of information: It is mandatory to pre-wet the surface of the house with fresh water, then apply the cleaning solution from the bottom up. Allow proper dwell time, usually about 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with fresh water from the top down. If one doesn’t follow this procedure, it is likely that streaking will occur and the streaks are very difficult to remove. We work in small sections at a time. Weather, temperature, sunshine or shade, all affect the dwell time as well as the size of the sections washed.

“I’ve heard that pressure washing can damage the siding?” As with any tool or machine, there is a right way to use it and there is a wrong way. Our technicians are highly skilled and there will be no damage.

“Will water get inside the house?” It is very rare.  We ask our clients to close all windows prior to our arrival. Also, we are very careful around the window frames and the windows themselves. They will see water pressure no stronger than what a garden hose would do.

Do we need to be home when the work is performed? No, we are fully self contained. We only need working water spigot(s).

When we finish washing your house, we will do a final rinse with fresh water, including rinsing the windows. There may be water spots on the glass, just as there would be if you rinsed them yourself with a garden hose. We therefore recommend waiting until the house is washed to do a final hand cleaning of your windows.

If at any time you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our technicians are very skilled, experienced and fluent in English.

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