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Remove Leaves from Wood Deck

Autumn reminder to sweep the leaves off of your wood deck and concrete patio. Not only is it important and necessary to rake autumn leaves from your grassy lawn, it is also important to remove the leaves from your wood deck. Unattended leaves will stain the nice finish of your wood deck, particularly when they […]

Roof shingles cleaning: Soft Wash vs. Pressure Wash

The Problem: As our neighborhoods in the Mid-Atlantic region are aging and the trees and shrubs grow bigger, so is the propensity to see our roof shingles develop unsightly black stains, or worse: lichens and moss. Those beautiful maturing trees provide the shade and moisture retention which facilitate the growth of the microorganisms that become […]

Removing Graffiti From Wood Fence

When done properly, graffiti can be removed from wood. One must be very careful, as always, to not use too much water pressure.  We apply the right chemical agent to break up the paint, then wash it off very gently.  Multiple applications are usually required to obtain the desired result.  There is frequently a very […]

The perils of washing old aluminum siding

In time, the factory paint will fade, get thin and will oxidize and become powdery/chalky. This will be very pronounced on areas exposed to sunlight. Wipe your fingers across the old aluminum siding and you’ll see the white powder/chalk all over your fingers. When washing this siding take care to not use too much pressure. […]

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