The Problem:

As our neighborhoods in the Mid-Atlantic region are aging and the trees and shrubs grow bigger, so is the propensity to see our roof shingles develop unsightly black stains, or worse: lichens and moss. Those beautiful maturing trees provide the shade and moisture retention which facilitate the growth of the microorganisms that become the unsightly black stains. If left untreated those black stains then lead to lichens & moss growth which will damage your shingles.

The Solution:

Just like most things in life, the decision on whether to soft wash or pressure wash roof shingles is….. it depends.  If your roof shingles have those unsightly black streaks only, then a “soft wash” may be sufficient. First we pre-wet surrounding plants and shrubs with fresh water to protect them from the very little misting or over spray which may occur during the cleaning process. We then apply a saturating bleach solution to the roof shingles. We do not flood the shingles as we want to minimize run-off solution, this would just be a waste of chemical. When feasible, we capture what little run-off there is from the downspouts. Your asphalt shingles will be transformed almost immediately.

Pressure washing will be necessary when heavy accumulations of lichens and/or moss are present. We usually pre-treat the roof with the bleach solution to get the cleaning process started. We then mechanically remove the lichens and moss by the force of the water. A skilled technician such as ours, will do this without any damage to your shingles. We then frequently apply a second application of the bleach solution to finish the cleaning and beautification process.

Again, just like most things in life, there can be exceptions to what is written above. We’ve been doing this for 28+ years and have seen it all. Our experienced and skilled supervisors and technicians will make the final determination (in consultation with you) as to the proper procedure for your particular roof shingles cleaning.

I hope you found this helpful. Please call or contact us if you have any further questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, or schedule a cleaning of your shingles…or house, or deck, fence, driveway, walkway, etc.

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