Low & Mid Rise Buildings

We pressure wash the exterior of all types of building facades up to six stories in height. Office buildings, shopping centers, apartments,  condominiums, townhouses, banks, medical centers & parking garages. We can clean all surface types including brick & masonry, pre-cast concrete, limestone, granite, sandstone, marble, metal, EIFS (Dryvit), vinyl,  Cement fiber board (Hardiplank), painted wood.

If the entire building doesn’t need cleaning, we can clean just areas in greatest need.  Those areas are usually the high-traffic areas like building entrances including the front sidewalk, awning’s and portico/alcove areas, etc. Around back we can hot water wash the loading dock and trash dumpster area’s. Also, we  can clean the kitchen grease recycling area if you have a cafeteria, deli or restaurant in your building.

We will use the proper cleaners formulated for your surface type. We have HOT water washing as well as cold water capabilities. As with so many other things in life, hot water usually does a better job of cleaning, and we will use this advantage to give you better results. A prime example of the benefits of hot water is when pressure washing parking garages and sidewalks. Sometimes HOT water washing is the only option, as with chewing gum removal, and heavy greasy dirt. Bucket trucks (also known as man-lifts, or cherry pickers) will be used for accessing heights exceeding ladder heights.

We work off hours when appropriate, to minimize conflict and disruption with pedestrian and vehicular traffic. As always, we will work in accordance with what is best for your schedule. We are a 24/7 company.

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