Heavy Equipment Cleaning

If your heavy equipment has accumulated too much dirt, mud, grease, or your radiator cooling fins are clogging with dirt, you can call on us to remedy. We have on-board water tanks that we can take to your remote location if need be. If you have a water source, that’s good, but not mandatory.  We will utilize our heavy duty HOT WATER pressure washers, with detergents, to remove the offending contaminants.

We’re also available to perform regular Fleet Washing services. We’ll wash your trucks or vans as frequently, or infrequently, as suits your own needs. This usually involves washing the undercarriage and chassis with moderate pressure. We can also wash the engine compartment, using care around the electronics, etc. Finally, we’ll wash the exterior body by hand using mild cleaners and soft vehicle brushes, and rinsing with very low pressure.

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