Graffiti Removal & Paint Stripping

Renorr Dynamics can effectively and safely remove graffiti from almost all surfaces including brick, concrete, vinyl siding, wood, asphalt and glass. What do we mean by “safely”? That means we will not be overly aggressive in the removal methods. It is essential to NOT scar the surface that the paint or marker is being removed from.

We will employ the right chemistry and hand agitation with brushes, and HOT WATER, to break down the offending graffiti “tag”. We do rely on pressure washing to assist in the removal process, but we do not over-pressurize. Using too much pressure can permanently scar the surface leaving outlines of where the graffiti tag used to be. We avoid this rookie move. Perhaps you’ve seen permanent scarring on buildings, a sure sign we had nothing to do with that job!

Frequently graffiti vandalism is perpetrated in locations where a water source is not available. No problem for us. We have commercial vehicles with on-board water tanks so we can perform cleaning in remote locations.

We can also remove paint or stain that is unrelated to graffiti vandalism. Perhaps you want to remove paint or stain from a surface which was deliberately painted in the past. Or maybe you’ve purchased a home where you don’t appreciate the color of the wood deck or fence as much as the previous owner. No problem, just call us. We’ll strip the offending color and re-apply a more appropriate wood preservative, stain or paint. On brick walls we’ve removed paint droplets, and brush marks from previous sloppy painting. We’ve removed paint from yellow curbing that is no longer a fire lane. We can also successfully remove tar based products, adhesives & caulk.

We also have high pressure wet sandblasting capabilities when very aggressive methods are called for.
We’ve even cleaned up a very large spill of fresh paint that involved many gallons of wet paint that ended up on an asphalt parking lot. As always, we exercised care and concern for the environmental impact as much as the cleanup itself.

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