Q:  Do I need to be home during the process?
A:  No, just make sure all windows are closed (if we are washing your house), and water spigots turned on from the inside.

Q:  Will the pressure washer damage my: siding, deck, fence, roof shingles, etc.?
A:  No, our technicians are skilled in the proper use of the equipment. We adjust the water pressure both at the machine and in the hands of the technician. By increasing the distance from the tip to the surface being washed, the water pressure will decrease exponentially. Our guys know where the “sweet spot” is. We always use the least amount of pressure that will effectively do the cleaning job. There will be no damage when using us.

Q:  Will the cleaning chemicals damage my shrubs, plants, flowers or trees?
A:  No, We use very little chemical and in a diluted state. Also, we rinse your plants, etc. with fresh water before, during, and after the cleaning in each area.

Q:  Do you need access to the inside of our house?
A:  No, we are self-contained. Occasionally, we might need electricity and if there is not an outside working electrical outlet, we might need to ask you to run an extension cord from the inside. This is very infrequent.

Q:  I’m thinking about cleaning my windows, when should I do this?
A:  Have your windows hand cleaned after we wash your house. While we will rinse your glass windows on the outside with fresh water, they will still have some water spots that will need to be cleaned by hand later.

Q:  When can I walk on my deck after having it cleaned and treated?
A:  It’s usually best to give it about a day or so to let the wood preservative, sealer or stain fully set and dry. We will discuss your individual situation and make a recommendation.

Q:  Do you work on weekends and/or holidays or nights?
A:  Yes, whenever the work needs to be done, we’ll do it. We frequently perform night jobs when washing commercial shopping centers, or parking garages.

Q:  Can you perform “Rush Jobs”, or respond in an emergency?
A:  Yes. We understand that unexpected events might necessitate a response with little or no notice. While we don’t sit by the phone waiting for those calls, we will endeavor to meet your needs, and history has proven that we almost always can.

Q:  “Why is my house/roof/deck/sidewalk, etc. getting dirty faster than before…I’ve lived in this house for 20/30/40 years, and it never used to get dirty so fast?”
A:  As your yard matures and the trees/bushes and shrubs grow larger, they are dropping way more leaves, emitting more organic matter, more bug residue from the trees and shrubs, and the trees and bushes hold more moisture. The larger they grow the more shade they provide. More moisture and more shade equals more mold, mildew, etc.

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