Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum on sidewalks is as difficult to remove as it is to understand why thoughtless people spit it out there in the first place. We at Renorr Dynamics Pressure Washing have ultimate weapon for its removal…HOT WATER (about 190 degrees), coupled with high volume (about 6 gallons per minute), at high pressure (about 3500 PSI). There is absolutely no refuting that HOT Water high-pressure washing is the requirement for proper chewing gum removal. It is a tedious, laborious process requiring the technician to remove each piece of gum, one-at-a-time. A typical shopping center sidewalk will have at least hundreds, and frequently thousands of pieces of gum that need to be removed…again, one-at-a-time!

If you’ve ever tried any other method, you’ll know we speak the truth. Scraping gum off with a metal scraper…not a chance. Hot air coupled with a vacuum, nope. Cold water…somewhat effective, but still inadequate.

Our HOT WATER, high pressure method, effectively melts the chewing gum and then flushes it away. After its removal, it is common for the now removed gum to leave a light shadow on the concrete which will gradually fade over time. Washing the rest of your sidewalks from, end to end, will yield the clean appearance that patrons will appreciate, which will hopefully translate to successful shopping experience for them as well as store owners.

If it has been a while since your sidewalk has had a thorough cleaning, we will come and perform a “corrective cleaning”. After that we’d like to offer periodic “maintenance cleaning”. Every property is different, perhaps maintenance cleaning might mean monthly, quarterly, or annually, or some other interval. We’ll work with whatever your needs are.

We are happy to offer our cleaning services “after hours” meaning nights or weekends, or even holidays. We want to minimize, if not eliminate, disruption to you and your customers.

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