Teak Furniture, Playground Equipment, Lawn Furniture, Awnings, etc.

If your outdoor furniture, playground equipment, or awning’s have gradually become tired and unattractive, we can bring them back to life. We will surprise you with the improvement we can provide. These items are usually cleaned by hand using gentle cleaners. Sometimes a light pressure wash may facilitate the cleaning process. As always, your particular need will dictate the exact method used to clean, refresh and restore.

Teak Furniture being very durable by nature can be, and frequently is, left alone for years. Eventually, it will become dirty, dull and dingy, and maybe even become algae-laden. We can offer to clean it only, which will be a dramatic improvement, or we can clean it and apply a stain/sealer to restore color and richness to the wood. For NEW Teak Furniture, some people like to keep it looking that way. That is an option which requires an annual to bi-annual maintenance cleaning and retaining/resealing. Please give us a call so one of our experts can give you more details on this process.

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